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I took my youngest daughter to see the movie Evan Almighty, expecting a light-hearted family movie.  The movie was rated PG, which in this case stands for Political Guide.

Stop reading if you have plans to see the movie and do not wish to know more than the fact God asks Evan to build an Ark.

When I first heard approximately six (6) movie customers gasp “oh my God that is Arlington” I was slightly upset, the whole theater should have yelled that statement.  Remembering that the plot and moral of the movie is that it only takes one person to make a difference provided some comfort.

Long story short – an over weight, symbolically bloated fat cat Congressman “creatively” takes dominion of public park land “for the good of the people” after all it is the peoples land (that line amused me).  The land was “developed” for the good of people via developers turned a profit and developed homes. John Goodman served well as the community servant (who was actually a land developer) accustom to controlling his sycophants.

Evan was more than willing to participate, to be groomed by the leaders, to “kiss the ring” in exchange for power and a seat at the table.  Trust me he fights God’s will, Evan wants to fit in and be accepted.  Evan is “counseled” that if he does not run with the pack the wolves will turn on him.

In every person’s life the point of doing what is right and what is easier is publicly forced upon them.  Evan did was what right despite the loss of status, business, friends, etc… well you get the picture.  Evan was officially labeled a “nay-sayer” anti-development… once again you get the picture,

Then came the floods, not of precipitation but of truth.  The public park land taken for development walked hand and hand with “kick backs”, “short cuts” and working with less than reputable developers.  The bloated bureaucrat used ordinances and codes for control and to silence Evan.

The dam protecting the people broke, flooding homes and exposing the abuse.  Naturally the self-serving public servant proclaimed his innocence and blamed others.

At the end God explains ARK – Act of Random Kindness.